As a victim of crime, you may be experiencing some emotional discomfort or some confusion concerning the criminal justice process. The Victim Assistance Program of the Twelfth Judicial District would like to offer our assistance with any problems you may be experiencing due to this crime. We can assist with information regarding your case, referrals to community agencies, help with victim compensation claims. restitution, support with law enforcement/court process, or just be available to talk with you about your feelings and concerns regarding the case. 

If you are a victim of a crime as stated in C.R.S. 24-4.1-302(1)(a)-(hh) you have the constitutional right to be informed of certain Information and court dates. Whenever possible, we will notify you of these dates. A list of these hearings can be found below, so that you may keep track of them. 

 If you have further questions regarding the process or the case in which you have been victimized, please contact the Victim Assistance Program at: 



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Victim Compensation

We are sorry that you or your family have been physically or  emotionally injured as the result of a crime, you may be eligible to  receive compensation for your financial losses.

To apply for victim compensation, you need to contact the  administrator in the Twelfth Judicial District if that's where the crime occurred.

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Ms. Tammy Rogers

District Attorney's Office

426 San Juan Avenue

Alamosa, CO 81101

(719) 589-3691

Fax (719) 589-2734

e-mail: tmrogers@da12.state.co.us

Who Qualifies for Victim Compensation?

 You may be eligible to receive crime victim compensation if:

  • You or your family are the victim of a violent crime in Colorado, OR
  • You or your family are residents of Colorado who have been  victimized in a state or country that does not have a victim  compensation program, or will not cover your loss.

Additionally, in order to be eligible for victim compensation in  Colorado, you must meet this criteria from the Crime Victim  Compensation Statute:

  • The victim sustains mental or bodily injury, dies, or suffers  property damage to locks, windows or doors to residential property as a  result of the crime.
  • The victim cooperates with law enforcement officials.
  • The police were notified within 72 hours after the crime occurred.
  • The injury or death of the victim was not the result of the victim's own wrongdoing or substantial provocation.
  • The victimization occurred on or after July 1, 1982.
  • The application for compensation must be submitted within one year  from the date of the crime, or six months for property damage claims.

The local victim compensation board may waive some of these  requirements for good cause or in the interest of justice. This includes  application deadlines.

Victims are required to apply for victim compensation in the Judicial District where the crime occurred.

  • Submit the application and itemized bills directly related to the  crime in the district where the crime occurred. Districts may require  additional information from applicants.
  • The processing time is different for each district, however, it  generally takes 30-45 days to be notified of the program's decision.
  • If a victim compensation claim is denied or the award reduced, the  victim has a right to ask the board to reconsider its decision. The  victim should be notified of the right to request reconsideration of the  board's decision in writing.


  • Adjunte todas las facturas detalladas directamente  relacionados con el crimen y entregalos con su aplicación en el distrito  donde ocurrió el crimen. Es posible que se requiere información  adicional.
  • Su reclamo será investigado y presentado al Consejo de Compensación  de Víctimas. Este proceso se puede tardar hasta 60 días. Generalmente,  notificación de la decisión del programa tarda 30-45 días.
  • Si su demanda es negada, Ud. tiene derecho de pedir una apelación  del Consejo y tiene derecho de someter nueva o información adiciónal  relacionada a las razón(es) que el Consejo uso para negar o reducir su  demanda. Usted puede pedir una apelación contactando al programa de  Compensación de Víctimas dentro de 30 días despues de que reciba una  noticia de negación o reducción de su reclamo. Si solicita una  apelación, se le mandara mas informacíon sobre el proceso por correo Si  la decision del Consejo es mantenida, Ud tiene 30 días en que esta  decision puede ser revisada por Las Reglas de Colorado.
  • La mayoría de los distritos tienen un sistema para ayudar a las víctimas que no hablan inglés.


Victim Compensation Application (pdf)