Adult Diversion Program


Diversion is designed for adults who are self-motivated and willing to confront their own legal behavior issues. In many cases the Diversion Program is the first contact adults have with law enforcement and the criminal justice system.

Positive early intervention through the Diversion Program is an effective way to avoid future brushes with the law.


Diversion Program Fee

Each offender pays a non-refundable administration fee of $15.00 as well as any other additional fees related to their individual needs and program

TOP 10 REASONS To Support the Adult Diversion Program

1. Helps adults learn from their mistakes through early intervention.

2. Repairs the harm caused to families, victims and the community.

3. Equips and encourages adults to make responsible decisions.

4. Encourages adults to fulfill short-term personal goals.

5. Creates a mechanism to collect restitution for victims.

6. Hold adults accountable for their actions and provides learning opportunities regarding cause and effect.

7. Allows eligible offenders the opportunity to keep their court record clean.

8. Reduces burden on court system and jails.

9. Recognized as effective and required by state law since 1994.

10. Reduces future crime.

 Successful Diversion Means:

- The case is formally resolved without the involvement of the court.

- The offender does not have a court record for the offense.

Termination From Diversion:

Results in the case being referred back to the traditional court system for further action.

  For more information please contact:

  Megan Martinez

  Diversion Coordinator 

  426 San Juan Avenue

  Alamosa, CO 81101

 (719) 589-3691



The Adult Diversion Program is a voluntary program operated by the District Attorney’s Office that offers eligible offenders 18 and older an alternative to appearing in court.


o Prevent, eliminate or reduce the rate of recidivism.

o Provide eligible offenders with an alternative to the traditional court process and a criminal conviction.

o Promote the collection of restitution for the victims of the crime.

o Reduce costs and caseload burdens in the criminal justice system.


The offender must be 18 years or older at the time of the offense.

Eligible Offenses: Most nonviolent misdemeanors and low-level felonies are eligible for diversion under this program. The most common eligible offenses are:

o Theft 

o Disorderly conduct

o Possessing drug paraphernalia

o Trespassing

o Criminal Mischief

o Possession of alcohol/under 21 

Final determination of eligibility is within the sole discretion of the District Attorney


Participants must acknowledge responsibility, admit guilt and provide a factual account for certain offenses.

Possible Program Elements:

- Maintain contact with Diversion Coordinator 

- On line courses

- Pay full restitution to victim

- Attend counseling sessions/treatment

- Complete writing assignments

- Perform community service work

- Restorative Justice measures 

Adult Diversion Application

DIVERSION (AF1) - Application (docx)